Ventura College Transfer Agreements

The Oxnard College Transfer Centre is also available for transfer matters. Use the UC Transfer Admission Planner to complete the TAG application and check with your community college advisor and/or UC Campus TAG advisor. You must file it from September 1 to 30. Responsibility for the development of the new high school to joint Sartiulation College agreements, maintenance and distribution of existing articulation agreements between VCCCD and the high school is assigned to a dean or designees in each college in the district and is defined in AP 4051. Transferable Course Agreements – The University of California Transfer Course Agreement (UC TCA) is a list of courses offered by VC that are transferable to the University of California (UC). The Office of the President of the University of California determines the UC portability status of a course. Community Colleges of California and partner institutions have launched this transfer program to make it easier for students like you to start in a community college, to go to a guaranteed saved location at a participating four-year-old university and to obtain a bachelor`s degree. Articulation is the process of developing a formal, bilateral, written agreement identifying courses (or study sequences) on an “issuer” campus (Oxnard College) comparable or acceptable to certain requirements of a “reception campus” (a four-year college/university). Vision: Benedict College will be a power for the good of society.

We are going to be a full-term college with high quality teaching, research and public service programs. These programs will provide our students and the community with the knowledge, skills, understanding and values they need to create a better world. We aspire to geographic, international and racial diversity in our student body, while facilitating the empowerment, improvement and full participation of African Americans in a global society and the maintenance of our historical membership in the Baptist Church. Responsibility for the development, maintenance and distribution of articulation agreements between Ventura Community College District (VCCCD) and community universities and bachelor`s institutions is entrusted to the various articulation managers in each college in the district. Bowie State University is a state university in Bowie, Maryland. Bowie State University offers 22 bachelor`s programs at its four colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Professional Studies. Enrolment at Bowie State University is 4,315. Ventura County consists of a unique mix of rural and urban communities. VC values our relationship with industry, government and educational partners as an active and contributing member of our community. These partnerships help create unique opportunities for the university, career paths for our students in transfer universities and employment. Checking and updating articulation agreements, as requested and provided by external institutions, and follows the same process as the State Community School or four-year institutions as described above.

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