Propane Tank Lease Agreement

8. ASSIGNMENT: The customer agrees to inform the company if the property is sold. This contract ends with the sale of the property and cannot be sold or taken over by the new owner. When the property is sold, propane remains the property of the company and cannot be passed on to the buyer if the seller has not paid for the propane in the tank. 11. THE TERMINATION OF PROPANE SERVICE. Unless otherwise stated, and subject to a volume commitment agreement, YOU CAN PUT FIN TO YOUR PROPANE SERVICE UPON THE PROVISION OF THIRTY (30) DAYS PRIOR WRITTEN NOTICE TO COMPANY. IF YOU LEAVE THE SERVICE BEFORE THE ORIGINAL TERM EXPIRES, THE COMPANY WILL CHARGE YOU AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE OF $149.99. A. Arbitration agreement. Following the election of a party (or other body or individual entitled to arbitration under this provision, including, but not limited to, the entities covered by this section 16(A) (2), a dispute is settled by binding arbitration. “Dispute” means any claim or controversy arising from these Terms and Conditions, your agreement with the Company or the relationship between you and the Company, including without restriction: (1) The rights to exemption or theories of liability, whether based on a contract, an unlawful act, a statute or any otherwise; (2) rights against the company or its parent companies, subsidiaries, associated companies, predecessors, successors or beneficiaries of the assignment and its directors, executives, employees and representatives (each may choose arbitration for the claims in which they participate under these terms and conditions of sale); (3) claims that were created prior to this arbitration agreement; (4) rights that arise after the expiry or termination of this arbitration agreement; and (5) claims that are the subject of an alleged class action or other representative or collective action. However, the “litigation” does not include claims filed by you or the company on an individual basis in a small claims court if the amount claimed falls within the jurisdiction of that jurisdiction.

B. Right to reject this arbitration agreement. Notwithstanding a contrary arbitration agreement, you can refuse this arbitration agreement. To do so, you must send the company`s written notification no later than thirty (30) days after receiving notification of this arbitration agreement at Box 965, Valley Forge, PA 19482, Attn: General Counsel. Your notice of refusal must be signed, you must indicate that you must refuse this arbitration agreement and include your name, address and company account number. Your decision does not have a negative effect on your relationship or business services. C. Arbitration. This arbitration agreement is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act. Arbitration procedures are enforced by a single arbitrator and managed by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) in accordance with its consumerist arbitration rules (together THE AAA rules) that are in effect when a dispute is announced.

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