Ata Collective Agreement Local 38

Both parties agree to order their negotiating teams to continue to cooperate on matters of common interest in order to enter the next round of collective bargaining or amendment of the collective agreement in accordance with Article 2.6. Delays are enforceable provisions of collective agreements. Calculate your own instruction and instruction lessons with our own 38 local time calculator:…/AssignableTimeCalculator20… If, for the duration of this collective agreement, which expires on August 31, 2016, the Alberta government amends the legislation to remove the exclusive right of the Alberta Teachers` Association, to represent teachers for collective bargaining purposes, or to remove the power of the Alberta Teachers` Association to collect membership dues by wage deduction, the Calgary Board of Education agrees to negotiate alternative provisions for inclusion in the collective agreement. The Board of Directors may create or designate new administrative services for teachers that are covered by this agreement. Compensation and administrative salaries applicable to these newly created or designated administrative positions are negotiated with the association covered in point 2.6 of this agreement before the position is published or appointed. These negotiations take place within 15 days if the Board of Directors informs the association in writing of its intention to create or designate these new administrative positions. If negotiations are not completed in three (3) meetings, the committee sets the applicable management allowance and the organization`s salary and continues the tender and appeal of the position. If there is a difference between the parties or persons bound by this collective agreement with respect to the interpretation, application, transaction or alleged violation of this agreement or whether this difference may be the subject of arbitration, the association or board has the right to appeal. All of these complaints must be submitted in writing and specify the nature of the difference, the article or articles of the agreement that were allegedly violated and the remedies requested. A complaint is not dismissed solely because it does not cite an article, cites an erroneous section of the agreement, or seeks inappropriate recourse.

The Calgary Board of Education has signed contracts with most of our employees. These agreements define working conditions. The Committee undertakes to grant a two-year recall to the service to any teacher who has been granted leave under this agreement. Involuntary leave is offered to dismissed teachers on the basis of the agreement between the association and the board of directors, which is included in Appendix “C.” Subject to the provisions of this agreement, the Council contributes 100% of the premium cost for the following benefit plans: A sick certificate completed by a qualified physician or dentist (B016/11/2003) is required by the Chamber of Sick Leave if the absence is greater than five (5) days of learning. If, at the same time as the certificate of illness completed, a receipt is provided for the cost of completing the certificate, the Board of Directors pays an amount within the limits set by the Alberta Medical Association guidelines.

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